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  • Morris & McVeigh LLP is one of the oldest firms in New York City
  • The Firm was first established in 1862 under the name of Henry Lewis Morris
  • The Firm maintains offices in New York City and in Albany, New York
  • The Firm services individuals and business entities, as well as non-profits and foundations
  • The Firm offers its legal services to both foreign and domestic clients
  • The Firm's principal activities are in the field of Trust and Estate administration and litigation, as well as various corporate matters
  • The Firm consists of two partners, five counsel and four associates
  • The Firm has a support staff of over thirty people in Income Tax, Investment Advisory, Accounting and Bookkeeping positions 



    The original firm was formed in 1862 under the name of Henry Lewis Morris.  It continued to operate at one time under the name of Morris & Steele and later as Morris Sentell and Maine.  Following the death of Henry Lewis Morris in 1918, the present firm of Morris & McVeigh was formed by Lewis Spencer Morris, the son of Henry Lewis Morris, and Charles S. McVeigh.  The firm was then located at 32 Liberty Street.  In the 1920's it moved to 60 Wall Street; in the mid 1960's to 300 Park Avenue; and in the 1970's to 450 Park Avenue.  The firm has been at its present location (767 Third Avenue) since 1981.  Since 2003, the firm has maintained a satellite office located in Albany, New York, presently located at 540 Broadway.
    Originally the firm was primarily engaged in managing the real estate interests of the Morris family, which owned large portions of Morrisania, and it also represented members of the Stuyvesant, Chanler, Chapman, Russell and other families.  It gradually enlarged its practice, primarily in the trust and estate field.  Lewis S. Morris died in 1944, and Charles S. McVeigh in 1962.  It continued to enlarge its practice through the years, representing many individual clients.  Although the firm’s principal activities have been in the field of trusts and estate administration, it has substantial experience in corporate matters, and has represented a number of corporate clients.
     In the legal profession, the firm is generally considered one of the top New York firms in the field of trust and estate administration and its present partners and associates cumulatively represent over 200 years of practical experience in those fields.